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The cutter blades form the configuration of the maze as described by the plan and the model in the movie Shining (that do not match with the maze in which the scenes are played). The representation is symbolic, the blades don’t have the thickness of the hedges and impose a unit of construction with fixed size. It concentrates less on the proportions than on the movie tone and what remains in the collective memory: the steel and the sharpness of the axe, the reflecting texture of the snow… The title Shining is here taken literally, without mysticism.

The cutter blades that form drawings of architectural spaces embody the possibility to break with the image: conceived to cut the paper, they blur the lines of the drawing by absorbing the light and color temperature around. Plane surfaces by necessity, the blades that are not meant to be on the same plan as the surface it is expected to cut nor to be ‘read’ as part of it, convey, by their inclination, the perspective in the two-dimensional space.