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neither here nor there

From the gallery, we can project ourselves looking at a photograph of a seascape, fixed on a concrete wall outside, in the rubber boots which stand in front of it. At the entrance of the gallery, other pairs of boots are waiting for someone to put them on to get closer. The empty rubber boots, beside us then, figure the transparency of us becoming a landscape, absorbed and finally vanished in the contemplation of the skyline.

When facing the photograph one can dive into the undisturbed calmness of the sea. This landscape, familiar to many visitors as the photograph has been taken from Aomori harbour, seems familiar to everyone as pictures of seascapes are common wallpapers which all look alike and overlap in our mind. As a wallpaper, it's the screen we can see on a computer in standby mode, when there is no activity on it and no window is opened.

The sea allows us to look across a seemingly endless, and almost abstract, landscape. While we are reaching the front of the photograph, we find ourselves walking an insignificant distance, and by definition, the horizon stays unreachable.