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Fortune (approached value)

The term "fortune" means both richness by opulence, and fate, circumstances.

Some rocks collected from our daily travels and euro cent coins were carried in the same pocket and have rubbed together. The pebbles keep some light copper colour deposits, hint of a discontinuous friction due to the chaotic movement of the garment following the body rhythm. The capacity of the pocket corresponds to what we need to carry: it keeps provisionally the amount of money that is required right away or the items of an intimate collection we could gather in a day. Its content is just the measure of the imminence, for it was not, or not yet, put on a bank account or added to a collection.

The copper was one of the first metals which were used by humans to be exchanged against materials which had a useful employment for them, before they could imagine to transform it to meet their needs. Nowadays we use the copper conductive property hidden in our electricity network, but we most often see it covering the euro cent coins. As by a combination of colours, the rust, which covers the metals we didn't take enough care, and the copper are both often associated to abandonment and disinterest.

Rocks and euro cent coins are commonly subjects to a collection. They need to be gathered, only a pile of them could possibly make sense. It entails a certain amount of time.

The copper deposits symbolize the confrontation between two approaches of the concept of value: one, abstract, of the monetary value used to regulate the exchanges, and the other, subjective, referring to the personal assessment. The cent coins materialize the very start of the value, they are more symbolic than useful in term of buying power, of appropriation.

The use of a scanner extends the relation of physical contact: between the coins and the rocks, and between the rocks and the scanner which gave its digital reflect. This collect of rocks are fragments excluded from the building of our cities; their enlargement, hung on the walls, is a way to give them back to the architectures.

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