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After the 1755 earthquake, the reconstruction of Lisbon, and with it the development of the first seismic standards (the earthquakes being conceived at the time as a divine wrath, it was thus until then not conceivable to hedge against the punishment), were entrusted to military engineers. Military marches would then have been organized on the constructions in order to test the resistance of their structures and materials, a precursor – somehow in reverse - device of the actual earthquake simulation platforms. A hundred years later, several bridges (Broughton Bridge, Lower Chain Bridge) collapsed under marches, their synchronized walking entering into mechanical frequency with the structures.

Conceived within the architectural specifics of the Ceaac, two glass plates that surrounded a metal platform were removed for the installation in order to slightly separate it from the wooden floor of the story. A screen hung above the mezzanine's guardrail broadcasted a succession of archives of military marches from different regimes while the platform was transmitting their vibrations by contact to the visitor's body, at once stirring us (a rousing and contagious effect) and making us tremble (in fear that the unified mass - mobilized by the physical, acoustic and emotional load - will claim a common enemy).

« « «   » » », unutterable title and thus inaudible, depicts the propagation of waves by which the group self-mobilize. The infinite quotation run emptied as its content matters less than the sense of belonging, and raises insidiously from the lower instincts