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mind the gap (Senjojiki)

Facing the concrete wall, we look due west in the direction of Senjojiki coast. The bedrock formation arose from the sea with the uplift due to an earthquake in 1792. It is said that the lord of the province had 1000 tatami mats laid out along the coast for a party. It is, in any case, a way to figuratively express the wide area of the coast, to grasp the distance with a familiar unit which formed every inhabited space.

From a fault, crossing the beach, the sea seems to spew out from underneath. A first photograph of the crack is placed above the gap between the bank and the water terrace. The second, placed just after a step in the water surface which destabilises even further the walk in the water, shows a photograph taken from the same point of view shortly after with the water springing from the fault. The succession of large steps echoes the slide of a mat under another in the installation 'washitsu (slippery area)' inside the gallery and the shifting of tectonic plates.

As we need to remove our shoes to enter a tatami room, we invited the visitors to put on rubber boots to enter the water and get closer.