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Hérésie 102

In mobile archive shelving, bass traps used to absorb and muffle sound in anechoic chambers take the place of absent books.

The dark, offensive forms – angular shapes by nature in order to dissipate the reverberations – stuck in the shelves of two bookcases facing each other mounted on rails and equipped with a manual driving system can evoke the instruments of torture of another day (and the auto da fé, an idiom that means 'act of faith' in Portuguese). A crushing silence.

The bass traps are here raised as an army to muffle the spreading of ideas deemed dangerous by the established order. The title refers to the Heresy 102 which condemned the expression of any other interpretation of the earthquake than that of the divine wrath; it is thus the whole seismology that would have been perceived as heretical. One of the numerous heresies of the time leads us to pursue the inventory of the prohibitions to say or write about doubts and alternative worldview that are proper to every era and consider the stakes of the control over the representation of reality during times of crisis.