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The FabrikCulture is a former textile mill, a disused factory where the aim of productivity now gives way to a space where time is taken to pay attention.
Combustion (1) and (2) and Bord (edge) are products of the state of neglect, they come from stagnation. A constant effort would be necessary to keep the place intact, unaltered.

Bord is a one meter piece of soap with sharp edges. It surfaces from the basin of water and lathers slowly the whole exhibition time. When the bar of soap is progressively marked by the form of human bodies, Bord resists proximity with the body by its form, its height, its weight.

The presence of the rust, which results from a lack of vigilance, is a potential threat, a form of hostility which hold us off. It is a long-term product but the title Combustion reduces it to its only immediate appearance and suggests an instant process. In Combustion (2), the mark of the rust on the basin, which coincides with the rust mark on the nail hanging above it, keeps the measure of the water level. Only the rusty nail is left in Combustion (1) pointing an as precise as arbitrary location. It hangs in the space like a bait, catching the visitor at the level of his eyes, and becomes a gauge of the environment which surround us, made of air and humidity.