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bombyx mori

The light reflected by the silk in Bombyx mori replaces the extinguished light from the burned out neon light. Coming from the drool of the larva, the silk deals with desire, attraction and speech, myths and stories spread along the Silk Roads. The production of the yarn by the silkworm – to form a cocoon, in its process of metamorphosis – becomes auto-mummification, the chrysalis being smothered with hot air to keep the thread intact. The butterfy that will not come out will never turn around artificial lights.

The bombyx mori is an unwittingly laborer of the textile industry, exploited until the very end of its life as it will never go beyond the larva stage to reach its blooming and fullness stage. Metaphor for the exploitation of the workers' bodies, as for the silenced voices, the lighting of the factory, of the productivity, on which has been meticulously wound the thead produced by the insect, looms under its former place just above heads as a memento mori.